7 Blogging Mistakes that Most Beginners Make

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7 Blogging Mistakes that Most Beginners Make

What is a blog? Well, it is a platform where a blogger would create editorial pieces that are centered on a certain topic. For instance, a blog about computer software is going to be centered on, well, computer software.

Although it is relatively easy to start a blog, beginner bloggers tend to make mistakes that can hurt their site’s success.

In today’s article, I will go over some blogging mistakes that beginners tend to make.

Writing Posts that Only Interests You

This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes I find beginner bloggers make on a consistent basis. Just because you think of a topic that interests you doesn’t mean that it can be a good topic for your readers.

Whether you are making your blog for business or personal reasons, you need to create posts that your readers will actually read.

You have to align your posts that are in line with the goals that you have set for your blog. So for instance, if you want to gain more traffic in the next two months, then write something that will actually be of value to your readers.

Your Writing is ‘Stiff’

A lot of beginner bloggers believe that they have to write in a more formal way to entice readers. No, you have to actually be more personable.

You see, a blog is an informal platform that, although tends to provide useful and actionable information to their readers, is something that people would actually love reading.

If your writing is stiff, make sure that you are writing in a more conversational tone as opposed to the more formal way of writing (like writing a term paper, for example).

Convey Your Point in a Straightforward Way

Although exuding your personality is encouraged in your writing, it is important that you do not veer away too much from your main point. For instance, if you are writing about inequality, do not waste your time too much on sharing two of your recent experiences so much that your reader does not actually know what you really want to say. Be direct to the point.

Your Topic Title is Too Broad

A lot of beginners make the mistake of making their topic titles too broad or generic. This is problematic since people are not going to want to click on it and it doesn’t really provide anything substantial to the reader. Remember, your topic titles are important because they can make or break your chances of gaining more traffic.

To fix this, you begin your topics with a clear and concise idea. If you are having trouble with that, you can use the Blog Ideas Generator to help you.

Not Having a Concrete Post Structure

Here’s the thing: most people just scan articles to find the information they’re looking for. So, if you are not following a concrete post structure, then they’re most likely going to leave your blog and may never return.

If you are writing a listicle, then make that structure known to them by providing them with a topic title indicating such and then making sure to make bullet points along the way to help organize your content in a good way.

You Don’t Use Concrete Data

If you are going to write an article and you write an argument without backing data, then that is not at all convincing and may be deemed as false information.

It is important that you back up your claims with solid and factual proof. You can go to HubSpot Research to find the information that you need. Always back up your claims with solid evidence.

Not Having Proper Citations

Ideas nowadays are actually not at all too original, but if you are using other people’s ideas to create your article, it is best that you cite them as part of your sources. Give credit where credit is due.

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