Architecture Career Paths You Can Take

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Architecture Career Paths You Can Take

1. Architects

The works of architects can be seen at each glance. They design landscapes and buildings that people enjoy, from theaters and factories to office buildings, sports arenas and public parks. If you want to be a successful architect someday, you need to learn from the professionals working at the top architecture firms in Malaysia. They are highly creative and passionate, and are deeply invested in working towards their clients’ goals.

2. Engineering and Architectural Managers

If you are interested in engineering or architecture, as well as in managing projects and people, explore the engineering manager or architectural manager career path. These people are in charge of development and research teams working on new processes, designs or products, or improving the existing ones. They are involved with industrial engineering management, construction engineering management, or engineering project management.

3. Surveyors

Surveyors are the professionals who set boundaries for everyone. They determine borders on airspace, water and land. Utilizing GPS, or Global Positioning System, surveyors measure below or above the Earth’s surface in order to draw maps, and determine the properties’ ownership lines. They use special tools to pinpoint locations of crucial features.

4. Drafters

Drafters are one of the most versatile professionals in this field. They wear many hats, and are recognized for their meticulous attention to detail. Do you love creating artistic visual representations of many objects? Then, maybe you can be a good drafter. A drafting career involves specifying materials, procedures and dimensions for new building products and projects.

5. Landscape Architects

Working as a landscape architect is a hands-on, creative career that combines art, design, science and love for the great outdoors. A reliable landscape architect designs and organizes a wide range of structural projects, from parks and restoration projects to public land development, residental and urban properties.

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