Five (5) Beautiful Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

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Five (5) Beautiful Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

When you hear the words, Kuala Lumpur, what usually comes to mind? Although you can see one of the tallest structures in the world in Malaysia’s capital city, there are actually a couple of other tourist attractions as well. Whether you want to stuff your mouth with plenty of foods or indulging in some KL Girl Escort in Malaysia, there is definitely something for everyone.

Bird Park

The KL Bird Park is one of the only aviaries that allow the birds to roam and fly freely within the designated area. That means that this is perfect for nature lovers and bird fanatics since they can interact with them in the safe grounds.

It is definitely a place that I would recommend to friends and families since you not only get to enjoy the birds but you will also marvel at the beauty of what nature has to offer as well.

Atmosphere 360

When you go to the Menara Kuala Lumpur or the Kuala Lumpur Tower, you not only get a top-view perspective of the city, but you will also have the chance to dine-in at their famous revolving restaurant.
Also known as the Atmosphere 360, this restaurant offers a fine-dining experience, all while you are looking over the entire city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Escape Room

Another exciting place to be that is perfect for friends and family. The Escape Room, located at the Berjaya Times Square, allows you to play a puzzle game. Once you and your buddies have solved the puzzle, you will go to the next level. Seriously, it is a fun game that mixes both mental and physical faculties together.

Imbi Market

If you are an early riser and you want to grab a quick bite, then head on over the Imbi market. They serve only the foods using the freshest ingredients, making it ideal for people who want to be healthy.


The Traders Hotel Skybar is home to one of the best indoor swimming pools in the city. Not only can you relax at the poolside but you can also take a swim in it as well.

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