How a Website Hosting Provider That Can Affect Your SEO Efforts

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How a Website Hosting Provider That Can Affect Your SEO Efforts

The Google algorithm is constantly and rapidly evolving. The growth and changes can be stressful, and can highly impact your search engine optimization strategy. Do you know that your website hosting provider of choice can affect SEO? Make sure to do comprehensive research on top hosting websites, and settle for the best.

Several website owners pick a web hosting provider just because they are affordable. They fail to consider lots of important factors like their marketing.

Server Security

Website security should always be number one priority. This is good for your ranking in Google, and for the safety of all your users. Unsecured web pages can hurt your ranking in many ways. Don’t let Google penalize your website for being subject to malware.

People would turn away from your website if they find about its security flaws. One of the solutions you should consider is a move to a quality dedicated server service.

Server Location

Do you know that Google depends on location details even if the search is not a local one? Just recently, they started depending more on IP addresses because it is providing more accurate results. For the individual making the search, this is good news. However, it can hurt a business if its server is in a different place.

Know where your server is located, as well as your target audience’s location.

Server Performance

Server performance is also an important thing to consider. This includes server downtime and speed. Your server’s overall performance would impact user experience. Keep in mind that Google penalizes websites with slow-moving speed, as well as other websites suffering from downtime.

There are lots of choices you can make in order to improve website speed.

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