How to Get the Most Value for Your Money When Buying a Watch?

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How to Get the Most Value for Your Money When Buying a Watch?

People ask plenty of questions pertaining to buying a watch. A watch, after all, is more than just a timekeeping piece; it is also a fashion and social status symbol.

That being said, when buying men’s watches, for example, how can you get the most value out of your purchase?

Well, for you to know that, you must buy a watch that has all of the features that you need. Read further to find out more about buying a watch and how to get the most bang for your buck.

When Buying an Inexpensive Watch

When I say ‘inexpensive watch’, I mean those watches that are well below $500. If you are going to buy a steel watch, make sure that you look at its materials. The minimum requirement for a good metal watch is that it has to be made of 316L steel grade. That is because such metals do not oxidize or rust, allowing it to live on for so many years.

When you are going to buy a steel watch, it is best that you are able to grasp it. That is because you’d want to know the heft of the watch as it is indicative of its quality. The lighter the steel watch is, the cheaper the components that were used in its construction (something that you want to avoid).

What if you want a more subdued look, like a dress watch, for example? Well, you can go with one that has a metal strap but most people tend to wear a dress watch using a leather strap.

Leather straps are okay, provided that the leather that was used is of high quality. For reference, you’d want to go with alligator leather as it is not only sturdy, it is also somewhat resistant to water (at least, to some extent).

Watch Movements

If you are going for watches that are priced under $500, most of them use the Quartz movement. Ever heard of that tick-tock sound that a common clock emits? That is also the same movement that defines a quartz watch. It makes use of a battery to power its components and it is cheaper than the next type of watch movement.

Automatic watches make use of a mainspring to power the watch. To help keep it powered, it uses an oscillating device that functions whenever you wear the watch. Your natural hand movements should be enough to provide some energy to the said mechanism.

Most men typically go for automatic watches mainly because of the way it moves. It is defined by its smooth sweeping motion and it is definitely something to behold when you are wearing one.

For Luxury Watches

Luxury watches cost more than $2000 and for the price, you should expect high-quality components. Ideally, you want to buy a Swiss watch as the watches that the Swiss people make are of high quality and the degree of craftsmanship is the best there is.

Of course, the price is quite expensive in the west so if you opt for a somewhat affordable luxury watch, you may have to look at different Chinese watches.

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