How to Select a Watch as a Gift for an Aspiring Gentleman

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How to Select a Watch as a Gift for an Aspiring Gentleman

Special life occasions require special gifts. A watch is definitely one of the most popular presents
ever, simply because of its practicality and commemorative qualities. Are you thinking of buying
a timepiece as a gift for a friend? Purchasing watch for someone else can be difficult. There are
tons of men’s watches in Malaysia you can choose from. Below are some helpful guidelines to
help you find the right watch model.

Purchasing a watch for a gentleman

Some people just go with their instincts when buying gifts. However, when it comes to watches,
the decision-making process can be a bit longer. Before buying a timepiece, ask yourself
important questions first.

What is the usual weekly attire of the gentleman in question? Is he more of a polo shirt or t-shirt
and jeans type of person? Is he a business person, or someone who has a very casual style? What
type of style does he have? Is he classic yet trendy, or a bit conservative?
From the answers to these questions, you can figure out if it is more appropriate to get him a
mechanical watch, sports watch or any other kind of timepiece.

Consider his personal style

Are you giving a watch to a conservative dresser? In this case, a classic watch, or a vintage-style
watch is more appropriate. An individual that appreciates the finer things in life would appreciate
a timepiece for its technical details and timeless appeal.

For a modern, fashion conscious mean, go for a new watch with the latest styles in it. Several top
watch brands like TAG Heuer and Breitling have classic ranges, and at the same time release
new, interesting styles.

The Smart Watch

The smart watch is a latest advancement in watch industry. The most popular of these pieces is
the Apple Watch. It provides the overall look of a watch, but with the features of a small
smartphone. This is the perfect present for a tech fanatic.

Selecting the perfect gift

A timepiece is beautiful present for someone. But, don’t just trust your instinct, and pick a
random watch model from a random online store. It pays to transact with a credible, trusted
retailer when buying a watch. That way, you can guarantee good quality.

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