How to Take Care of Your Mechanical Watch: 5 Helpful Tips

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How to Take Care of Your Mechanical Watch: 5 Helpful Tips

1. Change the watch straps carefully.

While scratches are minor issues, extreme shocks can seriously damage any kind of watch mechanism. To avoid any of these, change your watch strap carefully. It’s very easy to do. If it is your first time changing it, watch an instructional video online, or have a professional teach you personally.

2. Service the watch regularly.

Mechanical timepieces require more maintenance compared to other types of watches.Watch servicing is not just a profit-making scheme developed by the watch industry. There are tons of reasons for this. They need to maintain an inventory of all the watch parts, and that the mechanisms are all working well. Make sure to take your mechanical watch to a trusted authorized dealer.

3. Keep the watch wound.

See to it that you know how to take care of your mechanical watch from Malaysia. By winding it, you can spread the lubricants, and keep it working. Sure, modern lubricants last a long time, but they also conceal over time. Don’t forget to wind your timepiece once in a while.

4. Clean it regularly, but never with soap.

At times, little particles of dirt and debris can enter your watch. This is the reason why you should clean it regularly. A bit of water won’t hurt if your timepiece has a fully secure crown. Just don’t get its leather strap wet.Don’t use soap in cleaning your timepiece, since it can work its way to lots of little spaces.

5. Enjoy your watch.

At some point, you will think that owning a mechanical watch is a huge inconvenience. That is not true. In fact, the issues with mechanical watches are very few. A lot of problems that people encounter with mechanical movements are easily fixable. How will you enjoy your watch if all you think about are problems? Enjoy your watch by wearing it regularly. The more you wear it, the more you can appreciate it even more.

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