Learn from These Companies That Rock Customer Service on Social Media

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Learn from These Companies That Rock Customer Service on Social Media

1. Customer engagement

Providing quality social media services in Malaysia means helping clients engage more with their customers. If you want your business to thrive online, you need to work with professionals who can help you implement online surveys, promos and discounts well.

AirAsia is no stranger to various customer complaints, but their Facebook presence is undeniably outstanding. Their staff members respond to customer inquiries with helpful advice and links.

2. Relevance

In order to maintain your brand, you must implement your social media strategy consistently. By doing so, you can visit any kind of social media network, and easily recognize your brand.

Shutterstock is an amazing company you can learn from. Shutterstock professionals do a brilliant job of sharing relevant and engaging content on Twitter, most especially photography. They can also handle both positive and negative feedback with grace.

3. Social media monitoring

By monitoring mentions and hashtags, you can track how often people talk about your brand online. It’s also possible to look for relevant keywords, allowing you to monitor customer responses which are not tagged.

JetBlue is one of those companies that understand how crucial it is to engage with contented and happy customers. If there are people who are dissatisfied about their service, they reach out to them, and help them solve their problems immediately.

4. Customer feedback response

Customers always have the chance to tweet their personal experiences with a business, leave a comment, or send a direct message on any type of platform. It’s crucial to acknowledge each feedback, whether it’s negative or positive. This is one effective way to establish an online community where they would feel cared and valued for.

T-Mobile is recognized for engaging with most of their customers across various social media platforms. They are known to leverage on its social media fan base when it comes to looking for new employees.

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