Top 6 Web design errors to be avoided in 2020

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Top 6 Web design errors to be avoided in 2020

Here we will discuss the six common web design errors that will be avoided by 2020

A smooth and attractive website is a necessary prerequisite for any business and web agency these days. The whole idea behind creating a good website is to provide the clients with a better customer service. For your clients your website works like a brochure. If it looks like crap or poorly built, you miss out for a big chunk of business income.

There are certain features of website design that you need to consider during most of the development process of your website. Most web designers have often ignored these principles and end up creating a website that looks cheap and unattractive. Here we will discuss the six common web design errors that will be avoided by 2020.

1. Tiny text

You should read the text on your website. The text should not be too big or too small. The default body copy size is 16 pixels. Anything smaller than 16 pixels may get harder to read.

2. Easy navigation

Your website navigation should be easily usable. All pages of your website should be easily reachable through your navigation menu. A user should not find it difficult to visit any pages.

3. Terribly designed CTA buttons

The CTA should be designed to attract the user’s attention. The text used in CTA buttons should be able to influence the user to make the final action. And the CTA buttons should be easily visible on your website.

4. No properly designed for mobile

If your website is not performing well on mobile devices, then your website may suffer from it. To target the huge market of mobile users, smooth end-user experience on mobile devices is a must.

5. Not properly designed for mobile

Slow loading time of the website If it takes more than 3 seconds to load your website pages, the user may press the back button. Slow page load time can affect your search engine rankings. If your website is taking too long to load, it’s time to contact your web design team.

6. Hard to find contact information

The contact information can help your website visitors to determine your credibility. The contact information should be one click away from each corner of your website. Additionally, it can be provided in the footer of your website.

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