Watch Shopping 101: How to Choose the Perfect Timepiece

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Watch Shopping 101: How to Choose the Perfect Timepiece

1. Set a budget.

The very first thing you need to decide on when it comes to buying a watch is the budget. What
is price range that you are comfortable with? How much are you willing to spend? What do you
need it for? Where are you planning to wear it? Decide on the price that you are willing to pay in
order to fulfill your needs.

2. Research on different watch types.

Take note that there are several women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, so shopping can be
overwhelming. Consider different types of watches. There are primary types–analog or digital.
Analog watches hold minute and hour hands, with the hours depicted with marks, roman
numerals and numbers. Digital watches, on the other hand, display time in numerical form, on a
LED or LCD face.

3. Familiarize yourself with different movement types.

Don’t get a watch unless you are already familiar with different watch movements. Without
movement, a watch wouldn’t function. There are two basic types of watches movements–
mechanical and quartz. Quartz movement runs with the help of a battery that is sent through a
quartz inside the timepiece. Meanwhile, mechanical watches depend on the wearer. The energy
coming from the wearer winds the its elements, which is either automatic or manual.

4. Decide on a style.

Whether you are looking for a men’s or women’s watches, there is a watch for you. You can
purchase a timepiece specifically designed for formal events, work, sports or casual outfits. Your
choice must depend on where you are planning to wear it. If you want to go for the most versatile
option, get a dress watch. you can wear this almost every day, even with a casual or formal outfit.

5. Select a watch brand.

With your budget in mind, look into different watch brands. Consider getting your favorites.
Many watchmakers have been around for many years. It would be helpful to learn more about
the company’s history before finalizing your decision. Aside from doing research, you can ask
for recommendations. See to it that the brand you will select has the style that you want.

6. Pick the best features and fit.

What are the features that you need? All watches, from the basic models to the most elaborate
ones, have different sets of features. One feature that you can consider is water resistance level,
most especially if you are a diver or a sports enthusiast. Furthermore, see to it that the timepiece
fits your wristwatch well.

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