Web Design 101: Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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Web Design 101: Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

A good web design is not only about making your brand look good. It establishes reputation and brand awareness. Do you want to improve your business’ online presence this 2019? If you want to thrive this year, below are some trends you should take note of.

  • Vibrant Color Palettes

2019 is all about exciting bright colors. Don’t let your pages appear boring! Using vibrant colors means transforming your outdated design with something fun and fresh.

  • Bigger Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important aspects of web design, yet also one of the most difficult to perfect. You need to make it work, or else your readers wouldn’t enjoy the experience. This 2019, it’s best to incorporate bigger font sizes and bolder styles. Feel free to experiment, and go beyond your comfort zone.

  • Thumb-Happy Functionality

Mobile searches have officially taken over desktop searchers. It’s true, right? Our smartphones almost never leave our hands. Make sure to leverage on this trend, and make your pages easier to navigate on small screens.

  • More Gradients

This 2019, gradients will be utilized in website design on an entirely new level. Gradient colors provide a depth in website design which creates an eye-catching, rich layout. If you want your web pages to look more disruptive and modern, gradients are for you.

  • Animation and Interactivity

We are always drawn to the wonders of moving objects–it’s like magic. From micro-interactions to moving images, expect to see more movements on your screens this 2019. Take your readers and customers on a brilliant journey as they land on your website.

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